June Planting in Fayetteville, NC

  • 05 June 2017

June weather in Fayetteville, NC is always unpredictable. However, with the hottest weather not here yet it is a great time to still plant. The soil is not as hot in June and can retain moisture just a bit longer here in Fayetteville. June is not only a great time for planting color in your gardens, but also a great time to get a head start on summer holidays such as the 4th of July.  June is a great time to utilize your cooled soil and establish some of your patriotic plantings.

There is a wide selection of plants that can be a focal point for your home, but nothing screams patriotism like the front home plantings. Colors of red, white, and blue will not only grab attention, but show your true American spirit. As mentioned before, June is a great time to finish up some summer plantings. Perennials, annuals, and shrubs are still encouraged to be planted to give time to establish in your soil.

One of the best parts of planting in June is that flowers are prepared to take on heat. If you prepare your plants for the sun and maintain watering, plants will blossom in beauty for the summer and for summer holidays. While there is a wide variety of plants that can be chosen from, some in particular really stand out. The RED Vinca, WHITE Petunia, and BLUE Plumbago, truly radiate an essence of not only color, but also the good ole’ 4th of July Spirit!


All three plants provided above can be planted in bunches, separately, or all together. A yard can spread just a sea of blue, a brightening row of white, or burst in color of red. However, together these flowers will mark a yard as a festive creation! If you are looking for something that is not limited on color, you still can branch out to all different colors of annuals and perennials. Bold colors flourish all summer long without any limitations. Selections are subject to be limited due to placement, but color will never be an issue. Planting in Fayetteville, NC during June’s heat  is the most ideal time to render in last minute color or get a head start on holiday spirit!