3 Ways to Enhance the Looks of Custom Flower Pots

  • 12 June 2017

When the hot weather kicks heat up a notch, planter containers and pots become a garden lover’s new best friend. Just because the heat is out and soil can’t take new plant growth does not mean a lack of creativity needs to happen. Planter containers and pots have no rules or limitations other than providing the proper foundation to help them thrive. To ensure that your planter containers and pots flourish with beauty, be sure to add elements of balance, contrast, and colors.

A gardeners first thing to do is to acknowledge that plants should be sized to the pots, and pots should be sized to the location. Simply put, overloading containers with plants will throw off balance and inaccurate placement of your pot will eliminate proper contrast. Once you know where you want to add color (location of the pot) simply find the plants you would like and then justify a pot choice based off size of plants and location. (Get it?) If you pot is the focal point of your front porch, you want to acknowledge the appearance properly.

Now that we have the foundation covered, let’s move to the fun stuff, color.  If you have a color in mind, do not be afraid to run with it. Choose colors that compliment one another and pick fillers that highlight your focal points and will be long lasting. This even goes for your container choice. If you have a purple pot, chose colors that highlight and compliment that color. If you choose the standard terra cotta planter, you have a wide variety of color choices for flowers and foliage. For a bold look, go for contrast in your flowers. For a mellow look, stay within one color but use different variations of shades such as purple, pinks, or blues. Note that with any choice of color or flower will come foliage. Use foliage as the filler to your pots just to add texture and definition.

See our video on How to Create a Custom Flower Pot!


As you can see, there is a wide variety of color choices that can be used that are more subtle or are bold in appearance. Just because the sun is in full swing does not mean a limitation to what you are seeking. Enjoy creating your custom planters and pots all summer long.