How To Make A Live Christmas Wreath

How To Make A Live Christmas Wreath

Decorating for Christmas can be a costly endeavor, which is why we enjoy teaching customers how to make their decorations. Creating a live Christmas wreath is easier than one may think. You only need a few supplies to make a breathtaking wreath to place on your front door. Continue reading to learn how to make a live Christmas wreath that is cost-effective and simple to make!

Collect Your Supplies

The first step in creating a live Christmas wreath is to gather your supplies. You will need a 12-inch metal wreath form, floral wire, fresh-cut greenery and pinecones, and ribbon to add color. Most of the hardgoods can be found at your local craft store. When searching for greenery, you can simply use the spare branches cut from your Christmas tree or take a trip outside and get creative. If you do not have a live Christmas tree, try going to your local Christmas tree lot and ask for spare greenery. Many times, they give the extra cuttings away for free! When cutting your greenery, you will want to cut them in 6 – 12-inch sections.

Create Bundles of Greenery

After collecting all of your supplies and laying them out, begin making your greenery bundles. You will gather a couple of branches of the fresh-cut greenery, and tie them together at the ends with the floral wire. Remember, if you want a mixture of greenery, be sure to mix different types of evergreens and hardwoods into each bundle. Doing so will give the wreath more depth and texture. Continue creating bundles based on how full you want your wreath to be.

Place Bundles onto Wreath Form

Begin building your wreath by placing the bundles onto the wreath form. Secure the bundles onto the wreath form by using the floral wire and wrapping through the form. Be sure to place the bundles in the same direction, as this will create a natural flow to your wreath. When placing the bundles, cover the ends of the previous bundle. It is important to hide all seams of the wreath. After you have placed the bundles onto the wreath form and properly secured the greenery, fluff the branches and fill any holes.

Add Color, Decor, and Accouterments

This is the fun part of creating a wreath. Based on your style, you may want to add a pop of color with a red ribbon. You may also want to add pinecones, burlap, and artificial berries. Have fun adding decor to your wreath! The options are limitless!


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