All About Bog Plants

Bog plants, also known as carnivorous plants, are native to North and South Carolina. They can be found in and around the swamps of North Carolina. Continue reading to learn all about bog plants!

Native to North Carolina

Carnivorous plants can be found in the swamps of eastern North Carolina. Some of the more well-known bog plants are the venus flytrap, pitcher plant, and sundew plant. While these plants are found in nature, it is illegal to dig them up! Instead, you must buy these from a grower.

What do they eat?

Since bog plants live in soil that lacks nutrients, they must eat bugs to survive! Because of their odd food source, they have adapted and have unique characteristics to trap their food! The venus flytrap closes its leaves on the fly, while the sundew traps the fly with its sticky, sugary dew! Fun fact, carnivorous do not eat bees! In fact, bees carry the bog plants’ pollen, and bog plants don’t want to eat their pollinators! Those smartie plants!

These plants typically eat spiders, small flies, gnats. Some larger varieties will actually eat small rodents and birds!

In Your Home

If you want to try your hand at growing carnivorous plants inside your home, you must mimic the same swamp-like conditions. Bog plants like soil that is a mix of sand and peat moss. Place these plants in a saucer of water and keep the bottom half of the soil consistently wet. Set these plants in a sunny window to ensure they receive enough sun.


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