Top 5 Gifts from Green Side Up Garden & Gifts

Top 5 Gifts for Green Side Up Garden & Gifts

We invite you inside to our extensive collection of home décor and gifts. The options are endless, and just when you think you have seen it all, you will find something new. We have plenty of product from home décor, candles, nightlights, wreaths, pillows, rugs, flags, lotions. Jewelry, mini gardens and so much more. There is so much in our store we decided to help you narrow down your choices with our Top 5 gifts Choices.

Gift No. 1:  Jewelry 

Waxing poetic chain & Charm

We sell a line called waxing poetic. This line is made up of necklaces, bracelets, and charms that allow you to create an original meaning. It’s more than just a piece of jewelry it’s customized for you to someone you love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as you can always come back and add to it as time and memories thrive on.

Gift No. 2: Aromatic Oil Dispenser 


White & Gold Diffuser

Liven up the scents of your home with our selection of aromatic dispensers and oils. Just a few drops in water and these lovely little items will disperse soft scents into your favorite spaces. Great décor for bedrooms, bathrooms, and sunrooms.

Gift No. 3 Lotions

Mandarin Thymes Lotions

Thymes Lotions

We have a great selection of organic products that are lightly scented with a variety of herbs. These lotions are hypoallergenic (Are they?) These lotions are great gifts for all skin types and all ages. In addition to lotions, we have soaps and perfumes.

Gift No. 4 Mini Gardens

Build your own mini gardens

Fairy Garden with lights

Talk about gardens with personality! These mini gardens have taken over our home desks, small shelves and into our outdoor gardens. We have garden gnomes, fairies, dragons, mermaids, trolls, sprites, buddhas, bunnies, frogs, foxes and so much more. Come in and create a custom garden for a friend or loved one. Using succulents allows for infrequent watering making them easy to maintain.  Adding in mini figures builds character and personality creating the perfect unique gift.

Gift No. 5 Gift Cards

Yes, we have gift cards! Our shop is not small and sometimes you can walk around finding too many of the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. You don’t have to choose; you can let them select the perfect gift.