Bringing Your House Plants Indoors

houseplant insecticide


It’s getting cold out, and it is time to bring our tender houseplants we put outside back indoors. When we bring these plants back into our homes, we may unintentionally bring in insects such as whiteflies, spiders, and mites.

Try using a houseplant insecticide to help prevent bringing the unwanted insects indoors. This particular product is made by Bionide and is a systemic treatment that works for two-month intervals before a new application is needed. You can find insecticides at your local nursery or big box stores.

We carry options here at Green Side Up that will help maintain a bug-free atmosphere inside your home. Stop in and shop with us. Talk to our associates or post comments, questions or concerns below.

 If you have other questions in regards to caring for holiday plants, check out our link for more information.