What is a Fairy Garden?

  • 08 August 2016

A fairy garden is a miniature garden that is said to be attractive to fairies. The plants used in the garden all stay small and resemble larger plants such as shrubs, perennial flowers, and houseplants. Some compare fairy gardens to a dollhouse (but using nature, of course). The presence of fairy gardens in Fayetteville, NC is currently growing and we are so excited to help you start yours! We have seen different themes in fairy gardens such as backyard, sea life, wild west, mexican fiesta, different religious themes, and beach theme. Have fun with it and give your garden a personal touch!

Some gardeners add miniature furniture and accessories to give that “large garden” feel (ironic, isn’t it?). You can choose to add a fairy figure or just leave the garden as is, for the real fairies to find. Fairy gardens are becoming the new “fad” with amateur plantsmen and children of all ages. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make a mini garden to attract fairies? It’s been said that fairies bring luck, happiness, and sometimes even fortune; you just need to have the right kind of garden!

At Green Side Up in Fayetteville, NC, we especially love using perennial plants since they come both full size and miniature. Once they are planted, they are fairly low maintenance and only require trimming if they get too large for your garden. They also should be watered during the dry season if the soil begins to dry out. Another good fairy garden choice is small shrubs. Shrubs are also low maintenance! All you need to do is water and trim the shrub to your liking. We sell different gardening products that can help maintain and grow your fairy garden. Plant care is essential in fairy gardens–what fairy wants to visit a dead garden?