The Best Shade Trees

The Best Shade Trees

Summer is still here and lingering, and that means hot sun and temperatures. Planting shade trees can help keep you and your family cool while enjoying those hot summer days. See our selections for the best shade trees below:

Brandywine Maple

Known for its long-lasting autumn color, the Brandywine Maple is sure to attract a crowd. This maple starts as a bright red and then slowly turns to a purple-red color. It is also known as a widely adaptable shade tree, able to be planted in almost all soils. Growing to 35 – 50 feet in height and 25 – 40 feet in width, this shade tree is the perfect size for any backyard, providing ample shade!

Autumn Flame Maple

Autumn Flame is a suitable name for such a vibrantly orange maple tree. Growing to 40 – 60 feet tall and 30 – 50 feet in width, this maple will surely be a show stopper in your neighborhood! The Autumn Flame Maple is multifaceted. In addition to providing shade in the summer, this maple will put on quite a show in the fall months with wildly copper leaves!

Willow Oak

Known for its thin, slender leaves, the Willow Oak is an excellent option for summer shade! The Willow Oak grows relatively quickly, reaching 40 – 75 feet in height and 25 – 50 feet in width. This tree is perfect for an open front or backyard, as it is easy to care for and can thrive in almost all soils.

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