Perennial Butterfly Garden

Perennial Butterfly Garden

Having a beautiful yard is everyone’s goal when planting! However, once you notice that your sanctuary is feeding some of nature’s most beautiful creatures, it becomes clear why gardeners plant specifically for insects and birds! Read on to learn how to build a nectar-rich perennial butterfly garden!

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush is the most obvious plant to install to attract butterflies.  Also known as a buddleia, this plant is not technically a perennial, but rather a woody shrub! Attracting butterflies is the buddleia’s life goal! Butterfly Bushes come in multiple colors and sizes. Some only grow to be 3 feet tall, while others can grow to be 5-6 feet tall! Either way, this is a must-have in your butterfly garden!

Arizona Blanket Flower

The Arizona Blanket Flower, also known as a gaillardia, is a great option for a butterfly garden that receives the hot, afternoon sun. The Blanket Flower can not only take hot sun but is also drought tolerant! Who wouldn’t want this rock solid perennial in their garden?!


Here is another no-brainer when it comes to attracting butterflies! The Coreopsis is another perennial that thrives in the hot summer heat. Coreopsis is great for novice or seasoned gardeners and requires little maintenance.


Lantana thrives in areas with little moisture an intense and provides non-stop blooms all summer long! This is truly a plant it and forget-about-it plant! Lantanas are grown as both annuals and perennials, depending on your location. When shopping for lantana, be sure to ask which ones are perennials.


What is a garden without a Coneflower? This is a must-have in any yard. Best known for its clumping growth habit of upright flowers, coneflowers, are strong, heat and drought tolerate perennials, that hold their own. Coneflowers come in a variety of colors, with single or double petal flowers. Plant this one in your garden — you won’t be sorry!


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