Maintaining Houseplants in the Winter

Having plants indoors during the winter can be tricky. The heat is on, and the air is dry. If your hands are dry, the humidity is not high enough for your houseplants. Continue reading to learn more about maintaining houseplants through the winter.

Humidity Gauge

The most difficult challenge in growing plants indoors during the winter is keeping the humidity high enough. The air inside your house will dry with the heat always on. But how dry is the air? It is hard to gauge on your own. To help with this, we recommend picking up a humidity gauge. Most gauges will also tell you the temperature. Since most houseplants require 50-60% humidity, you can discern whether or not the air is too dry for the plants.


Once you have determined that the air inside your home is too dry, setting up a humidifier may be the next step. A humidifier will mimic a more natural environment for your plants. Unfortunately, you may become a bit overwhelmed when shopping for a humidifier, as so many options exist. Some come with humidity settings, while others have a turn-on knob. A simple one will do if you already have a humidity gauge.

Tray with Pebbles

If purchasing a humidifier isn’t possible, you may consider placing your plant on top of a saucer or tray with pebbles and water. This will increase the humidity directly around the plant.

Not Enough Light

Winter days can be cold and dark. Less light can cause your plants to go downhill quickly. Installing a grow light or bulbs may be necessary for your plants to survive the winter.


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