June Gardening Tips

Welcome to June in the garden! With summer officially underway, it’s time to tackle some essential tasks to keep your garden flourishing. Here are our top June Gardening tips for ensuring your yard stays vibrant this month:

1. Deadheading Flowers: As summer progresses, you may notice some of your flowers looking weary and no longer blooming. This is the perfect time for deadheading! Removing old, spent flowers encourages new growth and more blooms. Trim the dead flower about 1/2 to 1 inch below the bloom to stimulate healthy regrowth. This simple practice will help extend the blooming season of both annuals and perennials.

2. Pest and Fungus Vigilance: With the warmth of summer comes the risk of pests and fungi. Regularly inspect your plants and trees for signs of issues such as fungi, Japanese beetles, aphids, bagworms, and mealybugs. Prompt treatment can prevent these problems from spreading and damaging your garden.

3. Proper Watering: While June often brings rain, monitoring how much water your garden receives is crucial. Invest in a rain gauge to accurately measure rainfall. Adequate water is essential, especially for newly planted vegetation, ensuring their survival and healthy growth.

4. Weed Management: Weeds tend to proliferate with increased rainfall and warmer temperatures. Depending on your preference, either manually remove them or consider using an effective treatment like Round-Up or a homemade mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap to keep them in check.

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Keep these tips in mind to maintain a beautiful and thriving garden throughout June and beyond!