Insects on Crape Myrtles

  • 07 September 2019

Insects on Crape Myrtles

It is that time of year again! Late summer is the peak time to see insects on plants! More specifically, you will see insects on crape myrtles. Continue reading to learn more about which insects may appear on your crape myrtles and how to recognize the signs of an insect infestation!

Aphids and White Scale on Crape Myrtles

Aphids and white scale are the main insects that you will find this time of year on your crape myrtles. Both aphids and white scale are sap-feeding insects or suckers. They retrieve their nutrients by sucking the sap from the leaf or branch. When looking for aphids, be sure to look on the underside of the leaf. White scale is commonly found on the branches of the plant.

Black Sooty Mold

Black sooty mold is another indicator of an insect infestation, more specifically an aphid infestation! The black sooty mold is a fungus that begins to grow from the excretion of the aphids. The aphids leave behind what is called honeydew. The honeydew is the perfect food for black sooty mold to set up shop an thrive.

Controlling Insects

There are a couple of options for controlling these infestations. Topical treatments will last for 7 -14 days. Systemic treatments can last for six weeks. When selecting a treatment, be sure to read the label to ensure that the insecticide will target the specific insect. As long as the tree is mature and established, these infestations will likely not kill the tree. If the tree that is infested is newly planted, the insects could cause harm to the tree. This is because the root system is not quite established.


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