How to Plant Bulbs

The flowers that bulbs produce are often a colorful reminder that spring is on its way, along with warmer weather. Continue reading to learn how to plant bulbs so they emerge in the early spring and the different varieties that grow well in Fayetteville, NC!


Where and how you plant the bulbs during the winter is dependent on where you are located. If you are located in a much colder region, for example, Minnesota, you will need to plant the bulbs in the ground. However, if you are located in a more favorable environment, like Fayetteville, NC, you can plant the bulbs in a container.

Planting Bulbs

As previously mentioned, bulbs can be planted in the ground or a container, depending on your location. If you choose to plant the bulbs in the ground, you will need to prepare the ground. If you are planting the bulbs in a container, you will want to use a high-nutrient potting mix.

Once you have prepared your area, it is time to place the bulbs into the soil. Bulbs look best when grouped together rather than in a line, so keep this in mind when planting the bulbs. Jane recommends digging a hole with your spade or shovel and placing several bulbs in a single hole. The other option is to use a bulb-planting tool. This is an excellent tool because it allows you to see how deep you dig into the ground. This becomes important with different types of bulbs, as some require more shallow depths for planting. Using a bulb planting tool also disturbs less soil.

As previously mentioned, different bulbs require different depths on the soil. For example, daffodil bulbs are larger and will need to be planted deeper in the soil, while crocus bulbs are smaller and should be planted more shallow. When planting, you can layer different types of bulbs, with the large bulbs deeper and the smaller bulbs on top.


You should fertilize bulbs once the leaves begin to emerge from the soil and again when the bulbs are finished blooming. Bone meal is a great option for fertilizer.


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