How to Get Rid of Fairy Rings

How to Get Rid of Fairy Rings

After all of this rain, you may have noticed several mushrooms emerging from your lawn. Sometimes, these mushrooms can pop up, forming a circle. In the gardening world, this is commonly called a fairy ring. Unfortunately, fairies did not cause this fungi phenomenon. Continue reading to learn more about fairy rings and how to get rid of fairy rings!

What are Fairy Rings?

Fairy rings are mushrooms that emerge from your lawn or landscape beds in the shape of a circle. It is an old wives’ tale that if mushrooms pop up in your yard and create a circle, fairies and mythical creatures inhabit that area. In some areas, the fairy rings emerge overnight, much to the homeowner’s surprise! But sadly, it is only an old wives’ tale, and no mythical creatures live in your yard. You just have organic material that is decomposing. The fungi feed on the decomposing material, which is why they grow so quickly.

How do you get rid of the Fungi?

Fairy rings do not cause any harm to your lawn or plants, so do not be alarmed! The easiest way to get rid of fairy rings is to simply mow over them or pull them like a weed. If you choose to pull them like a weed, be sure to wear gloves! You may also use a fungicide to prevent the mushrooms from spreading. Be sure to read the directions for the correct dosage.


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