Caring for Houseplants Through the Winter

Fall is here, which means winter is peaking around the corner! If you are a houseplant collector, you might bring all your plants indoors for the winter. Moving plants inside during the winter means changing how you care for them. Continue reading to learn more about Caring for Houseplants Through the Winter.

Monitor Humidity

The most challenging task when caring for houseplants through the winter is monitoring and manipulating the humidity inside your home. This is extra difficult as the heat can dry out the air, resulting in crispy leaves and unhappy plants. The key to monitoring the humidity inside your home is a humidity gauge. Setting one up near your plants will allow you to adjust the humidity for the exact space. Remember, most plants want a humidity range between 55-65%!


Once you have monitored your humidity, you may need to adjust it! This is easy to do with a humidifier. While your humidifier doesn’t have to be fancy, many on the market allow you to change the percentage of humidity. The humidifier will turn on automatically to maintain the set percentage!

Use a Tray with Pebbles

Sometimes, having a humidifier isn’t possible, or you have so many plants around your home that you need an alternative humidity source! That’s where saucers or trays come into play! Fill a tray or saucer with some pebbles and add water. Place these trays under or near your plants. This will change the relative humidity for that area.

Add Light

Winter days are cold, dark, and short. Even with ample windows with bright sunlight, the days may not be long enough to give your plants what they need. Adding a grow light can help with inadequate light throughout your home,


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