Perennial Flowers in Fayetteville NC

Perennial flowers in Fayetteville NC will provide years of beauty in your garden.

There are many varieties of perennial flowers to choose from. Some popular perennial flowers in Fayetteville NC include Hollyhocks, Cone Flowers, Veronica, Asters, Pincushion flowers and Black-Eyed Susan.

Perennial flowers bloom at different times during the spring and summer. When choosing perennial flowers in Fayetteville NC it’s important to remember that flowers are not all the same. Flowers require different types of soil, and different amounts of water and sunlight to grow healthy and beautiful. Before planting perennial flowers, be sure to properly prepare the soil. After planting, water your perennial flowers well and lay a 2- to 3-inch-deep layer of mulch over the soil around your new plants. The mulch will help the soil hold moisture and prevent weeds from growing. You may also want to occasionally remove any dead flower heads. Doing so will encourage new growth and prevents your flowers from setting seed.

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