Flowers in Fayetteville NC – Fall Decor

Flowers in Fayetteville NC are a great addition to your Halloween and fall decor!

Popular fall flowers in Fayetteville NC include mums, sunflowers, asters, Goldenrod, and pansies. These flowers can give your lawn and garden a great pop of color in the cooler months. Green Side Up Gift and Garden Center has a beautiful variety of fall flowers, trees and shrubs available.

There are various ways to incorporate flowers into your Halloween and fall decor. One popular idea is to decorate with Pumpkins and Mums. You can hallow out a large pumpkin and plant mums inside. Another idea is to drill holes all over a pumpkin and place mum stems inside each hole. Both look very beautiful as part of your fall decor outside or inside. You can also add a few mum stems to a hallowed out gourd. This looks great in a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Of course, you can use any fall flowers in Fayetteville NC in place of mums for all of these great decor ideas. Fall flowers in Fayetteville NC also look great in pots on your front steps or porch. You can combine different types of flowers together in a pot for some beautiful, colorful curb appeal.

Flowers in Fayetteville NC



Flowers in Fayetteville NC

Green Side Up Gift and Garden Center has everything you need for Halloween and fall decor. Besides flowers in Fayetteville NC, we carry pumpkins, Indian corn, flags, hay bales, table decor and so much more!

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