Decorating Ideas for a Patio

  • 11 August 2011

Adding the right outdoor furniture, house plants and shrubs can add or detract from your patio. Choosing the right accents and patio gardens can make any patio a great place to relax.

Patio gardens are wonderful additions to your home. They create a place for socializing outdoors while allowing room for interpretation. Each design can be unique to your taste whether you want an outdoor grill, dining area, or casual seating your patio can be a wonderful space for you, family, and guests to enjoy.

Create a sketch of which elements you cannot live without (i.e. grill, water feature, outdoor sofa, etc.) include landscape plantings and hardscape features. Measure your patio and create a miniature bird’s eye view of the layout. Include any features on your house or nearby that may affect lighting, views, or height restrictions. You may also consider whether any plants should be contained or permanently installed.

Plants: Choosing the right plant depends on the light conditions and regional climate. You have more leeway when it comes to choosing your plants because they don’t have to remain permanent. Consider placing climbing plants or taller shrubs and trees in areas where screening is a necessity. Planters may also be used for seasonal color and contrast for more permanent elements. Consider the growth habits of your plant material before placing them in containers as well. Containers should be used for annuals, perennials, and plants that need to be indoors during winter months. More permanent planting areas will be enhanced with evergreen trees, shrubs, or climbers.

Accents: Consider adding other elements to your patio for additional thematic character. Bird feeders and baths are wonderful additions to outdoor patios interested in attracting local wildlife. Lighting is also another necessity for outdoor spaces. Creating a strand of low lighting or permanent light fixtures can be ideal for evening entertainment or visual contrast. Smaller water fountains are ideal for enclosed spaces. White noise from fountains can alleviate traffic or neighborhood noise levels.

Outdoor furniture: Measuring for furniture or outdoor seating is imperative for the natural flow and traffic pattern around your patio. Look for nice views and consider surrounding plant material as well as distant backgrounds. Consider the amount of seating necessary and available space for arrangement while choosing furnishings.

Your patio can be turned into another outdoor room adding to the value of your home and complimenting your outdoor landscape. With the right elements and placement, you can enjoy your patio throughout the year.