The Best Plants for Shade

The Best Plants for Shade

Planting in a shaded area can be a bit overwhelming, especially if your entire yard is shade! Believe it or not, they are so many options for a shaded area, with many of these options including beautiful blooming perennials and shrubs! Just because an area is not in full or part sun does not mean you can’t enjoy beautiful colors and flowers. Continue reading to learn about the best plants for shade and how to care for plants in a shade garden!

How to Plant in a Shaded Area

Planting in a shaded area should be no different than planting in a full sun area. We still recommend that you amend your soil if you have sandy soil or have clay deposits in your yard. We recommend using a composted cow manure or peat moss amendment, as these products will add much-needed nutrients to your soil.


How do I Water in a Shaded Area?

Plants in the shade may not require as much water as the plants in a full sun area; however, they still need water. Since the sun is not drying out the soil as much, you can likely reduce your waterings to every other day. In other words, if you water your plants that are in full sun every day during the summer, you may only need to water every other day in the shade. Be sure to keep an eye on your plants if your plan on missing a watering.


Plant Choices for Shade

As previously mentioned, there are so many options for a shade garden! With perennials, you can add so much color to your shaded area. Astilbe, hostas, heuchera, and ferns are great options for perennials. All but the ferns produce beautiful flowers in the spring and summer. These perennials come in a lot of varieties, so they can be used multiple times within an area.

For shrubs, azaleas, gardenias, mahonias, and hydrangea thrive in both full shade and part shade. All of the listed shrubs produce flowers in early spring or the summer! Another bonus is that gardenias, azaleas, and mahonias are evergreens — they won’t lose their leaves in the winter!


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