Thanksgiving Pumpkin Planter

  • 15 November 2018

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Planter

With Thanksgiving only a week away, many of us are busy preparing for the big feast. From coordinating sides to decorating the dining room table, a lot goes into Thanksgiving Day. If you are looking for an easy centerpiece that doesn’t require much thought and money, consider using the pumpkins that are lining the stairs of your front porch! Creating a Thanksgiving pumpkin planter is easier than you think! All you will need is a pumpkin, mums or pansies, soil or styrofoam, and tools! We recommend not starting this project too early, as the pumpkins may be prone to rot. We recommend doing this only 1 to 2 days in advance.

 Select the Right Pumpkin

If you already have pumpkins left over from Halloween or acting as your fall decor, pick a pumpkin from your collection! Be sure to choose the appropriate size for your dining table. If you have a larger table, you may have enough room for several pumpkins! If you don’t already have pumpkins at the ready, swing by Green Side Up and grab a pumpkin on SALE!


You can’t go wrong with the flowers. You may already have mums or pansies available. If not, you can simply use cuttings from the yard or buy mums on sale at Green Side Up. If you decide to use cuttings from the yard, you can take cuttings from evergreens and any trees that are putting on a show of fall color!

Prepare & Plant the Pumpkin

Now it is time to get down and dirty! Much like cutting and carving a jack-o-lantern, you will cut the top off of the pumpkin and empty the inside. Be sure that the interior is free of all seeds and pumpkin innards! This will prevent the pumpkin from breaking down before your big meal. Once the pumpkin is clean, we recommend watering your plants in the nursery container that they came in before planting.

Once the plant has drained, you can then begin planting your flowers inside the pumpkin. Depending on the size of the pumpkin and the size of the plants chosen, you may have to add soil to the pumpkin. Adding soil will keep the plants upright and the roots moist. Since you watered the plant before you added it to the pumpkin, it will not be necessary to water again., especially if you are completing this project the day before.

If, for some reason, your plant does look dry the day of the big meal, water lightly around the soil line. Remember, that you do not have a drainage hole. Do not over water it as this will cause the pumpkin to rot! If you are taking cuttings instead of using flowers, you may use styrofoam when placing the cuttings inside the pumpkin. Feel free to add some sphagnum moss to fill in holes and cascade down the sides of the pumpkin!


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