June Garden Tips

Ready or not, June is here! And with a new month comes more garden chores to keep your yard thriving! Continue reading to learn our most recommend June garden tips!


It is time to deadhead!



As the summer continues, you may notice that some of your flowers are looking a bit tired and have stopped producing blooms. Now is an excellent time to deadhead! Deadheading, or removing old and spent flowers, promotes new growth and new blooms! When deadheading, cut off the dead flower about 1/2 – 1 inch below the bloom.


Pests & Fungus


Summer is also the time for pest and fungus to appear! It is important to check your plants and trees with regularity so that you can treat these problems. Be on the lookout for fungus, Japanese beetles, aphids, bagworms, and mealybugs.


Adequate Water


Ensuring that your newly installed plants receive ample water is imperative to the plant’s survival. While it may be raining right now, be mindful of the amount of rain that we are receiving. We recommend investing in a rain gauge, as this is the only way to know how much rain you have received.


Weed Control


With rain and warmer temperatures, comes weeds — and plenty of them! If you don’t have too many weeds pulling them is always an option. If you prefer treating them, use Round-Up, or a vinegar mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap.


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